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Resident Advisory Council (RAC)


The Housing Authority strives to ensure that residents are provided with an environment that is rich in opportunity and in which residents can help shape their community. One way this is accomplished is through Resident Advisory Councils or RACs.  

Residents are 'members' of their respective RAC and have the right to vote on items at meetings.  For example, all residents living at Westview Village are members of the Westview RAC.  

Each RAC meets once a month and all members are encouraged to attend - these meetings offer an easy and effective way to get involved in your community.  

Your elected RAC officers:
  • Promote well-being and fellowship among residents
  • Act as a vital link between residents and HACSB management; relaying comments, suggestions, and concerns. 
  • Sponsor gatherings and community events (Currently on hold)
Once elected RAC officers attend regular trainings to help them in their roles - some of the subjects covered include; roles and responsibilities of each RAC officer, how to conduct meetings, dealing with difficult situations, leadership and advocacy, budget management, by-laws, forming sub-committees, and community engagement.  

Current Resident Advisory Councils

Westview Village RAC
President: Celia Zavala
Vise President: Katherine Simonson
Secretary: VACANT
Treasurer: Griselda Vazquez
Sgt-At-Arms: VACANT

Vista Del Mar Commons (VDMC) RAC
President: Chrys Cortright
Vise President: VACANT
Secretary: Barbara Keller
Treasurer: VACANT
Sgt-At-Arms: VACANT

Gregory-Vida-East RAC
President: Gloria Mendenhall
Vice President: VACANT
Secretary: Michael Limon

Treasurer: Melissa 'Lisa' Campbell
Sgt-At-Arms: Jo A Robinson

Member at large: Margaret Case
No current council.

No current council.


Upcoming Meetings (every 3rd Wednesday of the month):

Westview RAC***
Wednesday, June 21st
at 6:00pm

Zoom Link
Wednesday, June 28th
at 3:00pm - Mission Park

Zoom Link
Gregory-Vida East RAC***
Wednesday, June 21st
at 11:00am
- Gregory Gardens
Zoom Link

*RAC meeting currently being held virtually.
**RAC meeting currently being held in-person.
***RAC meeting currently being held in-person and virtually.

Previous Meetings (recordings):

Westview RAC VDMC RAC Gregory - Vida East RAC


Bylaws can be found in the RAC Documents tab at the bottom of this page.

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RAC Documents3 documents

  • Westview RAC Adopted By-Laws 2022
    document seq 0.00
    Westview RAC Adopted By-Laws 2022
  • VDMC RAC Adopted By-Laws 2022
    document seq 0.00
    VDMC RAC Adopted By-Laws 2022
  • Gregory-Vida-East RAC Adopted By-Laws 2022
    document seq 0.00