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Flashlights are very effective at getting someone's attention, or directing traffic.

Use this simple code to communicate:  

  • 1 Flash for "YES",
  • 2 Flashes for "NO",
  • 3 Flashes for "HELP!"

Use flashlights to see AND TO BE SEEN.

A Whistle and Flashlight give anyone their own personal alerting and warning system.

Use a Flashlight for:   

  • Being seen/getting attention
  • seeing the the dark
  • as communication device
  • as a Guidance device

Use a Whistle for:   
  • Calling for Help
  • giving a warning
  • staying in communication
  • and a signaling device

A Whistle is also a valuable communication tool. The same code works for whistles:

  • 1 Blow for "YES",
  • 2 Blows for "NO",
  • 3 Blows for "HELP!" 

A whistle's sound will carry much further than your voice, and it will last longer.  Use a whistle as a warning signal.