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Ventura residents can receive emergency messages through CodeRED, a high-speed emergency notification telephone system that delivers critical messages such as evacuation notices directly to you. The system automatically dials a primary residential (landline) phone however; wireless phones must be registered individually to receive notification of an emergency situation or critical community alert. Residents are encouraged to sign up and receive real-time emergency messages should a critical situation occur in your neighborhood, but logging onto and clicking on the CodeRED button.

Casitas Dam Flood

In case of Flood from Casitas Dam and or any major disaster and you are outside:

  1. Prepare to self-evacuate. Know in advance where and how to seek higher ground.
  2. Avoid walking or driving through flood water.
  3. If car stalls, abandon it immediately and climb to higher ground.
  4. If an extremely strong earthquake occurs, immediately seek higher ground.
  5. Listen for sirens and follow instructions.

If you are indoors:

  1. Be ready to evacuate as directed by the designated official.
  2. Time permitting, move vital material and equipment to higher ground.

Evacuation Routes

Evacuation Routes South of Shell Road South of Shell Road, if instructed to evacuate by car, use route matching your neighborhood by color.

  • Blue Zone    Use Olive Street, South to West Main Street, East to Garden Street, South to Thompson Blvd East. Go to Anacapa Middle School 
  • Green Zone    Use Stanley Avenue to southbound Highway 33 to Highway 101 East.  Go to Ventura High School.  If Highway 33 is closed, go South on Olive Street or Ventura Avenue.
  • Yellow Zone    Use Ventura Avenue South to East Santa Clara Street East.  Go to Buena High School.
  • Purple Zone    Use Cedar Street South to Poli Street East.  Go to Balboa Middle School. (East Main Street is reserved for emergency vehicles only.)