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Your Voucher can be the ticket to move anywhere in the U.S. and live in another Housing Authority’s jurisdiction. By using portability, you may take advantage of opportunities in another area: employment, education, being closer to family or medical care. Before you pack your bags, there are many things to consider.

Outgoing Portability

What is Required in Order to Move Out of Ventura?

You must be in good standing here in Ventura with the rules & regulations governing the Voucher Program before your transfer can be approved. This includes:

  • Paying off any debt you may owe the Housing Authority
  • Complying with your current rental agreement regarding giving notice to vacate
  • Providing income & family composition information requested to update your file

Things to Keep in Mind When Moving...

You are also responsible for carefully researching your destination to ensure the area will meet your family needs, such as:

  • Safety, transportation, utility costs, weather, schools
  • Payment Standards at the new location, which could be lower or higher than ours
  • Availability of units to Voucher participants in that area

Incoming Portability

Here's a summary of how moving to Ventura works!

  • You must fulfill all obligations to your current Housing Authority before your case worker there can approve your transfer and send us your file. Upon transfer to our jurisdiction, all of our rules, policies, payment standards and occupancy standard apply. We will conduct a background check for all drug-related or violent criminal activity in the last 5 years. \
  • We provide subsidy for the City of Ventura ONLY. The other Housing Authorities in Ventura County are: Area Housing Authority of the County of Ventura; City of Santa Paula Housing Authority; City of Oxnard Housing Authority; and the City of Port Hueneme Housing Authority.
  • You are responsible for determining if Ventura meets your needs. Items to consider when relocating include: Employment, transportation, utility costs, weather, schools, etc. Do your homework before you request a transfer! Because of our desirable location, Ventura customarily has a low vacancy rate and high rents. You will want to use additional resources such as classified ads, property management companies, etc., to aid in your search.
  • Upon receipt of your file, you will be contacted 1 week to schedule an orientation meeting. With careful planning, you can experience a smooth transition to the Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura.
Moving is expensive! You will need to plan your finances carefully. In addition to your moving costs & new Security Deposit you may have to advance some rent on your own, in certain circumstances. Once your family information has been sent to the receiving Housing Authority, all of their rules, policies, and practices are in effect.

How long it will be before they process your file, how many bedrooms you can have, how long it takes to get an inspection, what they consider a reasonable rent is for their area- all these issues will be controlled by the other agency. Nevertheless, with careful planning, you can have a smooth transition to another agency.

For more information on Portability, please contact:

Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura
11122 Snapdragon Street, Suite 100
Ventura, CA 93004
Attention: Willbert Gonzales   (805) 647-5990 Ext. 3233