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The Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura is a federally funded, non-profit, public agency serving the City of Ventura. We administer a rental subsidy program called the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Program participants must find their own place to rent from a landlord or property management company and use the Voucher to pay for part of the rent. Without the participation of caring landlords, families can experience difficulty finding a good place to live.

The Housing Authority team understands that a cooperative partnership with local landlords is critical to the success of our goal to provide decent, safe and affordable housing to low and moderate income families. The Housing Authority continually seeks out new owners and property management companies to participate in the Voucher Program.

Listen to what some of our participating landlords have to say...

“Section 8 is a good program! I wish more owners would consider using it.” - Theresa Parks, Venco Property Management

“The Housing Authority’s rental payments are always paid promptly. The Section 8 staff is helpful in answering questions and taking care of problems.” - Terri Hall, Seville Property Management

Section 8 paperwork is really quite minimal and easy, with reasonable information requested. The professional staff is friendly and provides quick, accurate assistance.” - Dave Walton, Manager, Citrus Tree Apartments

“We work closely and easily with the knowledgeable staff at the Ventura Housing Authority.” - Jayne Haggar, California Oaks Property Management Company


Supply and demand: Desirable geographic and economic conditions have made Ventura a popular seaside community. Low vacancy rates, limited availability and high prices present barriers to low-income renters.
Reluctant Owners: Landlords and managers, who are unaware of the role of the Housing Authority plays in the tenancy, and how the program is administered. Unrealistic expectations of burdensome paperwork and restrictions cause some owners to shy away, when it is actually an easy process, requiring minimal paperwork.

The stigma of being “low-income” may cause an owner to overlook a Voucher holder as a viable tenant. Remember your neighbors, a co-worker or an elderly, disabled relative could easily be a beneficiary of rental assistance.

How do I participate in the Voucher program as a landlord?

If you are interested in becoming a landlord or would like more information, please contact our HCV office.

HCV/Section 8 Office
11122 Snapdragon Street, Suite 100
Ventura, CA 93004
Phone: (805) 647-5990
Fax: (805) 647-4691

A Comparison of the Open Market and the Section 8 Voucher Program



  • Open Market Landlord: Landlord selects tenant, based on own established selection, in accordance with California State Law.
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: Same as Open Rental Market


  • Open Market Landlord: Landlord may collect a security deposit of up to twice the monthly rent for unfurnished units (from the tenant).
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: Same as Open Rental Market


  • Open Market Landlord: Landlord provides the rental agreement and selects the term (month to month or lease).
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: Same as Open Rental Market


  • Open Market Landlord: Tenant is soley responsible for payments to landlord. No protection against unpaid rent when family finances change.
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: Tenant pays rent directly to the landlord (30%-40%) of their income.) The Housing Authority mails the balance of the rent payment directly to the owner on the first of the month.


  • Open Market Landlord: Tenant can fall behind in monthly rent payments if family income decreases, i.e. from a job termination or injury, causing a costly eviction process, and vacancy
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: Subsidy payment enables voucher holder to afford the rent for longer periods of time. Subsidy may be increased when the family’s income decreases.


  • Open Market Landlord: Landlord may evict tenant in accordance with California State Law.
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: Same as Open Rental Market


  • Open Market Landlord: Tenant has no incentive to keep unit in good condition other than security deposit.
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: Voucher holder risks loss of an future subsidy in addition to loss of Security Deposit by damaging the unit.


  • Open Market Landlord: After initial term, rent increases require 30 days written notice.
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: After initial term, rent increases require 60 days written notice.

Please print this form complete and return to the Housing Authority along with a copy of the rent increase notice that was sent to your tenant.  A rent comparison will be performed by data base.     


  • Open Market Landlord: Landlord must rely on information provided by the tenant on landlord’s rental application.
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: Housing Authority can furnish name, address, phone for last two landlords who rented to the voucher holder, and knowledge of criminal history. With tenant authorization, credit history can be released.


  • Open Market Landlord: All landlord rights under State and Federal law are maintained.
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: Same as Open Rental Market. Only the landlord can evict a voucher holder from the unit.


  • Open Market Landlord: No case managers, familiar with your tenant.
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: Experienced case managers assist you with questions and issues. They will encourage model tenancy for continuation of subsidy.


  • Open Market Landlord: Landlord conducts inspections in accordance with State law.
  • Section 8 Program Landlord: Housing Authority inspects and approves unit after landlord has selected a tenant. Unit is inspected annually, thereafter.