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Applicant Requirements

Prospective renter/applicant of any affordable rental unit governed by these guidelines must be certified eligible by the City prior to leasing or occupying any affordable rental unit and subject to annual monitoring of eligibility for as long as they continue to rent and occupy an affordable rental unit.

The developer/property manager of the affordable rental units will review and process prospective renter’s application including any and all documentation required and will submit a request  to the City to provide a final eligibility determination.   

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Income-Eligible Household

Affordable units are restricted to occupancy by very-low, low or moderate income households. Click link for Income Limits.

 2. Household Size

 Applicant’s number of bedrooms must be appropriate to number of persons in household. The  City will use the Housing Authority’s Standard Voucher unit size criteria to determine number of  bedroom for number of persons in household.  See chart below:

Bedrooms Persons in Household    (Minimum-Maximum)
0 Bedrooms (Studio) 1-2
1 Bedroom  1-3
2 Bedroom  3-5
3 Bedroom 5-7
4 Bedroom  7-9
5 Bedroom 9-11