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Our History

On September 12, 1949, the City Council of the City of San Buenaventura passed Resolution No. 3191 and thereby created the Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura. On December 1, 1949, the first regular meeting of the Housing Authority was held. The City of Ventura provided desk space, and clerical help with the City Clerk acting as treasurer of the Authority. On July 1, 1950 a secretary was employed and the Housing Authority had its first full-time paid employee.

The Board of Commissioners quickly organized, elected officers and adopted by-laws. They also passed a resolution authorizing submission of an application to the Public Housing Administration requesting 100 units of low-rent housing and a preliminary loan for development of the same.

On August 22, 1950 an option was taken on property located on Flint Street. On May 7, 1951 the name Westview was adopted for these units and the surrounding acreage owned by the Authority. Then on April 2, 1952 (two years, one month and 15 days after the first meeting of the Board of Commissioners) the first family was admitted to housing. As quickly as units became available, families were moved in and on April 25th the 100th unit was occupied. Fifty-five families had been moved from substandard dwellings; 190 adults and 253 children had been provided with safe and sanitary housing at a development cost of $933,499.

Following the success of this initial construction, on May 11, 1959, the Board of Commissioners passed a resolution approving another development program. In 1961 these 80 additional units were constructed at a total development cost of $1,020,000.

Since 1960, eight additional Conventional family housing developments have been completed. The Housing Authority now owns, manages and maintains 394 units of family housing located throughout the City.

In 1965 the Housing Authority completed construction of a seven story, 75-unit building for seniors, located in downtown Ventura It now owns seven buildings designed and constructed for the elderly. These seven buildings provide 322 units of housing for Ventura’s low-income seniors and disabled residents.

The Housing Authority also owns three apartment complexes classified as non-traditional housing units. Purchased with other funding sources, a total of 21 units are owned by the Housing Authority and lease to low-income residents.

In addition to housing provided under the Conventional Housing Program, the Authority currently has 1189 Section 8 existing units under leased.

After years of operating out of a corner of the Westview Community Building, then a trailer and then a rented warehouse, in 1982 the Housing Authority constructed offices and a maintenance shop, located at 995 Riverside Street in Westview Village. Another office expansion occurred in October 2005. As a result of adding City Housing Programs to its other areas of responsibilities, the Section 8 Department/Housing Programs moved to a new office location. With this new office space at 11122 Snapdragon Street, the Housing Authority offers services to residents at two locations in the City.

The Internal Revenue Service has designated the Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura as a State or Local Government Instrumentality.