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Resolutions and Policies

     -Resolution 23-01, Significant Amendment to the Annual Plan FY23
     -Resolution 23-02, Application and Participation in Homekey Program 
     -Resolution 23-03, Meeting Interruptions
     -Resolution 23-04, Video Surveillance System Policy
     -Resolution 23-06 Option Agreement, Transfer of Property (Valentine Rd, HOMEKEY)
     -Resolution 23-07, Joint Application (Homekey)
     -Resolution 23-09, Change in Signatories for Citizens Business Bank
     -Resolution 23-10,  Restatement to the Fiscal Year 22-23 Operating Budget
     -Resolution 23-11, Approval of Over-Income Policy for PH Program
     -Resolution 23-12, Approval of Annual Plan Submission, FY24
     -Resolution 23-13 (b), Approving the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Operating Budget
     -Resolution 23-14, Approving the Change in Fiscal Year for the HACSB
     -Resolution 23-15, Authorizing the CEO to renew the established LOC w/ Montecito Bank & Trust
     -Resolution 23-16, Authorizing Resolution to Approve the Inspection and Copying Public Records Policy
     -Resolution 23-17, Authorizing Resolution Naming "The Denise M. Wise Building"
     -Resolution 23-18, Authorizing the CEO to Renew the Established LOC with Pacific Western Bank
     - Resolution 23-19, Authorizing a Change in Signatories for an Account Held with Citizens Business Bank
     - Resolution 23-20, Approving the FY 24 Pay Schedule of the Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura
     - Resolution 23-21, Approving the Disposition of Property Located at 995 Riverside St to Riverside 995 LLC & the Lease Back of the Property
     - Resolution 23-22, Ratifying and Approving the Past Salary of the Former HACSB CEO
     - Resolution 23-23, Re: Appointment of Jeff Lambert as CEO
     - Resolution 23-24, Approving the Submission of the Section 8 Management Assessment Program of Public Housing Agencies for Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2023
     - Resolution 23-25, Authorizing Resolution, RE: Authorized Signatory (WVIII)
     - Resolution 23-26, Approving the preparation and application to HUD, of the RAD program of Santa Clara Apartments
     - Resolution 23-27, Ratification of Board's Decision to hire Jeff Lambert as HACSB CEO
     - Resolution 23-28, Authorizing application for County of Ventura General Funds 2024-2025 funding for the WV IV project
     - Resolution 23-29, Approving of preparation and application to the County General Fund for the Santa Clara affordable housing development project
      - Resolution 24-01, Acquiring property, assigning contracts, financing, and entering HAP, property management, developer and service agreements (Valentine)
     - Resolution 24-02, A resolution to approve the revised FY2024 pay schedule

     - Policy for BOC meeting interruption
     - Video Surveillance System Policy
     - Reasonable Accommodation & Reasonable Modification Policy
     - Inspection and Copying Public Records Policy